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Do your own research - sort the fact from the fiction in the news. Use the 5 W's of journalism: who, what, where, when and why.

Fake News Comparison: Donald Trump and Barack Obama’s inauguration crowds -
Just like the Moon Landing was a hoax, no one showed up to listen to President Trump recite his oath. The ceremony was filmed in a Russian studio months ago, photo shopped and edited. The Democrat controlled media will prove that Putin hacked the election and also the ceremony. Trump does not exist in their minds

national mall crowd fake newsOn your left is the actual photo that the lame stream media was ready to use until they realized Putin and the Russians were at it again. Lucky for them they saw the photo of the well known news editor super imposed over the National Mall. Chris Matthews lower lip was drooling and a tingle ran up his leg, at the ready to report the lack of any supporters for Trump. Others in the liberal media were also distraught and sought refuge in the nearest latrines to cry in private.

In reality - Many blocks in D.C., leading up to the ceremony, were barricaded and kept many supporters from getting to the event all together, or simply making many file in late, only after police gained safe passage for them.

Some supporters never got to the event. Many came in late. Many people did not want to put themselves or families in jeopardy.

Photo taken over 45 minutes before the oath. View Here

President Trump observes the crowd size, during and after taking his oath. He makes a statement later in the day that the media was reporting smaller crowd size then actually there. The typical media leftists went nuts. They never acted like journalists and sought the facts of when the photos were taken for comparison etc..

LIVE STREAM: Donald Trump: The Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States 1/20/17
4:42:52 into the YouTube Video shows crowd size

national mall crowd sizeAttendees were still entering the National Mall up until President Trump’s speech.

In his blistering debut as White House press secretary on Saturday, Spicer accused journalists of reporting inaccurate crowd numbers and using misrepresentative photographs “to minimize the enormous support” that he claimed the new president enjoyed at his swearing-in.

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